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Welcome to a gentle space where you can embrace nourishing rest

Rest is a healing tonic
& a balm to nourish us.


Here you can find support to help you release the habitual cycle of stress consciousness, help ease deep fatigue, and improve vitality and women's wellbeing.
Together we explore and learn to approach our lives with more compassion, self-empathy and loving-kindness for ourselves, and others.

This is a space to nourish your 
holistic wellbeing and to implement easeful practices to sustain deeper relaxation.  The practices are easy to integrate into your busy life.

I believe this powerful series of
Nourishing Rest practices in your personal wellness toolbox, offers you potent wellbeing strategies which can deeply and profoundly restore, and soothe weary bodies and overwhelmed hearts and minds.

We all yearn for more calm balance, alignment, and balance to enhance inner harmony.

Learning the skill of cultivating more self-empathy and profound self-compassion and compassion for others through gentle meditative practices.
These practices along with personalised holistic wellbeing coaching sessions also serve to remind all of us as women of our own innate intuitive wisdom, loving-kindness and compassion.
We journey to re-awaken and restore the capacity and receptivity to soothe, restore and heal ourselves.


These practices are particularly helpful if you struggle with chronic fatigue or long standing illness or chronic conditions, but anyone can benefit from the soothing deep restorative effects 
for whole-being well-being.

In the spirit of lovingly nourishing, nurturing, and restoring  ourselves.

May you be happy and well on your wellbeing journey.

Leigh  Taylor

Read more about nourishing rest practices

Sustain your Wellbeing with our 
- I M M E R S I V E   O N L I N E -
maintenance wellbeing programme

Nourishing every part of us

Launching in
October 2023 !

A comprehensive online
practice, tools & strategy wellbeing programme
(self-guided at your own pace).


Pause & Restore 

With gentle restorative practices,
meditation, breath-work & deep body relaxation.


Nourish & Heal

Sharing plant wisdom with guided
nutritional support, demos & recipes.




Loving-kindness & Self-empathy

Grounded in NVC, self-compassion and mindful principles.
Includes private holistic wellbeing coaching sessions

and Live virtual Q&A sessions,

a special Restorative Weekend Immersion
(easeful @home-retreat).



Supportive for chronic fatigue, chronic illness,
burn-out and overwhelm. 

Nurturing and nourishing you
for sustained energy and holistic wellbeing.


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& Leigh


Practices of deep rest, to restore and recharge us

To activate our innate healing capacity.

Like sun, water, earth and air, and essentially space - rest and pause are vital ingredients
for our beings to flourish. Rest is a healing tonic and a balm to nourish us.


Like a flower and all its component parts -
petals, stem, seeds, leaves and roots,
to fully grow, bloom and flourish. 


Our bodies, and each system within,
should be treated as a whole,
being attentive to each part. 

Nourishing every part of us - the whole of our being.

Give yourself permission to renew, restore and re-set.

Nourishing rest offers a holistic approach to health and whole being wellbeing,
nourishing every part of ourselves, our bodies, our minds and our hearts, and for maintained spiritual sustenance.

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"I cannot recommend highly enough, for people - and especially women - to practice with Leigh, if they have the opportunity. Her grace, calm presence and generous compassion nourishes us on many levels. I cannot wait to see what she shares next with the world."
- Samantha Meikle, London 2020 Full testimonial

We humans have lost
the ability to relax.
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 August 2023
Immersive Powerful Rest

A 2.5 day deep nourishing
online immersive workshop

for Healing Rest,
Rejuvenation & Quality Sleep

- Details to follow soon -

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Healing from the Root

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We love supporting special grassroots humanitarian outreach projects:


  • Himalayan refugees making shawls & herbal incense - purchased directly in India

  • Malas - Tiruvanamalai India supporting a women's community & village incentive

  • Shwe Shwe gift bags made by local entrepreneur and sewing circle in South Africa

  • Slovo Centre of Excellence Toy Library

    Check our update of all the support through voluntary action in South Africa from
    2019-2022 to feed children and support humbl
    e grassroots education projects

Founder Bio

My own experience with the practices shared
& my intention for creating 'Nourishing Rest '


"The soothing, restorative combination of practices of Nourishing Rest, and in particular Yoga Nidra is truly a form of gentle yet 'powerful rest.' It has been an invaluable method to support my own wellbeing, pain management and increased energy levels."
Due to a longstanding chronic illness, I explored practices that would nourish and calm my body from exhausting pain, and depletion from the trauma effects of being ill. I have particularly found Yoga Nidra to be an invaluable tool for my wellbeing regimen, in combination with the  harmonious series of restorative Nourishing Rest practices.  They help to sustain more ease for pain management, enhance inner peace, and resilience, and to instil more balance and awareness.


For anyone with chronic illness and chronic fatigue, or on a path of recovery from burn-out or convalescing from illness, these practices help to strengthen receptivity for the body's healing process and support better and deeper quality rest and sleep.  I have personally found that by doing these practices regularly, even for short periods, helps to sustain more resilience and an increased capacity to cope better with chronic fatigue and chronic illness, especially during a bad pain flare up. 
These practices are also used to help combat PTSD and trauma and have been practiced in prisons and with ex-combat military staff to calm the nervous system and to help cope better.  Many studies have, and continue to be done, about their profound restorative benefits, particularly meditation, breathing techniques and yoga nidra. 

Anyone can benefit from these nourishing practices
for whole being well-being.


Leigh Taylor (Sherab)
Founder's Bio


Leigh is an experienced facilitator for:

  • Yoga Nidra (Training UK 2015 & 2020)

  • Mindfulness & Metta (Loving-kindness) since 1999

  • Pranayama & Breathwork since 1999

  • Buddhist Meditation since 1997

Qualified and trained/certified in:​

  • Coaching (MOE UK) 2015 & NLP 

  • Trauma Conscious Yoga Method (TCYM) 

  • Certified Yin Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance)

  • Restorative Yoga (YA)

  • Trained Mental Health First Aider (MHFA UK) 2020

  • Mental Health & Neuroscience (NCIB) 

  • Fundamentals of TCM 2005

  • Balance & Wellness at Work (SIY)

  • Indian Head Massage (Prof. Iqbal Badat 1998)

  • Biophilic Design - Sustainable Green Practices (2021)

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Founders Bio Chronological

What Clients Say

""I cannot recommend highly enough, for people - and especially women - to practice with Leigh, if they have the opportunity. Her grace, calm presence and generous compassion nourishes us on many levels. I cannot wait to see what she shares next with the world."  Samantha Meikle, London 2020 Full testimonial
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