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Red Lotus Projects & Background
I have been traveling to India, Nepal, and Thailand since 1997 where I was first introduced to meditation and I spent my first year at 19 in extended periods of retreat. In many ways, India is home where I spent most of my adult life living in studying intensively with Himalayan masters in the practices of meditation and Tibetan yogic practices. After meeting the Dalai Lama in 1997 I made the firm resolve to start a meditation and wellbeing centre in South Africa to create a sanctuary for inner peace and have been working and refining the vision since.

In 2000 I started my own women's retreat programme hosting and managing holistic women's retreats at the largest Taiwanese Meditation Centre in South Africa. During this time I was the manager of retreats and events for western students and also headed the organisation for the western chapter of the annual Peace and Light cultural festival, bringing together thousands of people. In 2003 I  spent 6 months in intensive retreat with master Hui Re, a great master of the Ch'an tradition at a meditation centre in South Africa before moving to India and Nepal.

I spent the next ten years living, practicing studying, and volunteering full time at meditation centres, monasteries, and refugee organisations. A lot of this time was spent living close to Himalayan masters and immersed in meditation retreats. 

In 2010 I had to return to South Africa due to illness but during this time imported fine quality Asian goods from India and Nepal to promote the arts of meditation and support local village incentives.

In 2013 I moved to London where I founded
Red Lotus Projects after co-ordinating and managing retreats internationally and organising sacred pilgrimages to India.

During my time in London I started an entrepreneurial journey collaborating with other inspiring and heart-centered entrepreneurs. 
I focused on organising wellness events, meditation retreats and programmes specifically focusing on reducing the effects of burn-out and to instill more holistic wellbeing, and supporting women with chronic illness.

In London, I also worked for various big corporate companies using my background as a graphic design professional and strong organisational skills. During this time I worked on a project to research Oil Spill prevention for Shell to help combat impact on environmental pollution, health and safety.

Since then I have traveled and lived in many parts of the world including France, Portugal, the Netherlands and most recently I am living in Barcelona in Spain with my partner Justin (Samten), a yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor and IT professional. Together we help co-ordinate wellness programmes, meditation retreats and continue work with other inspiring heart-centred entrepreneurs who embody the same ethos to collaborate, organise and manage bespoke retreats and holistic programmes.

I'm delighted to collaborate with women who resonate with the strong ethos of serving others compassionately, care and kindness to support women on their journeys of wellbeing and to provide more dignity and love to those in need.



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The Lotus is a powerful symbol for me.
In eastern philosophy it is infused with so much meaning, primarily that of being able to rise above adversity and obstacles, inner, outer and all life circumstances. 
Apart from the root symbolism of mind's pure quality pristinely rising out of muddy waters (challenges), it also embodies a fine strong feminine quality of endurance, resilience and strength. The red lotus is specifically connected to vibrance, energy and wisdom. 

Yoga nidra for me along with meditation is specifically nourishing on so many levels, nourishing every part of your being, physically, mentally and emotionally,
resting in more lucid awareness.

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