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Strategies to support you to thrive in spite
of chronic Illness, chronic fatigue & burn-out

Strategies for wellbeing from the root
Chronic Illness, Chronic Fatigue & Burnout 


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Holistic Wellbeing Coaching 

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to support your healing journey

Dealing with a chronic illness on your own can be tough.
I really understand from my own experience and struggle over the past 13 years of managing a chronic illness
that it can be challenging in so many ways and impact every part of your life.  

Sometimes it can become overwhelming and cause more fatigue not
knowing where 
to begin to find solutions that work for YOU. 

The focus is self-care, self-compassion 
and clarifying and prioritising  your  wellbeing strategies 
for more balance, ease and joy.

In these coaching sessions, we explore easeful and implementable wellbeing solutions and
helpful strategies to work through your wellness and wellbeing challenges.  

We explore ways in which you can adapt so that you can enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing and energy.
We identify practical ways to invite more joy, balance, self-empathy and deeper compassion into your life.

Our aim together is to integrate practical solutions with the intention to lessen overwhelm and feelings of depletion, and instead clarify steps for you to take gentle actions that restore, and nourish every part
of your being that are easeful to maintain for more sustainable holistic wellbeing. 

Check the coaching offerings below

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Let's work together!
How can I support you on your wellbeing journey?


Our Coaching offers holistic support to help you design a more balanced lifestyle, making sure you are giving yourself enough time, space, compassion, deep rest and attentive self-care.  
Take care of you: body, mind and spirit, enabling you to reach the specific goals that will bring you more fulfilment and healing, identifying supportive ways to manage chronic illness and overwhelm and to instil more inner peace and positive mental health.

Check the coaching offerings below


How does it work?

This is a process to uncover what is really important to you and also where, more precisely, you want to go. Identify your wellbeing priorities and explore your values more in depth.


  • The process includes tangible practices incorporating wellbeing vision boarding, self-reflection and flow writing, gentle and restorative body movement (where applicable and desired), and nourishing rest wellbeing practices.

  • Step-by-step we work out a better lifestyle balance that you curate for better mind, body and spirit goals that brings more inner peace and fulfilment.

  • I support you to identify the pace at which you want to work at towards achieving your goal with more congruency and gentle check-ins to ensure you stay accountable to yourself.

  • Coaching helps you to gain a clearer perspective and to get unstuck with what is most important to you or stopping you from moving forward. It helps you to become clear on how to move beyond a comfort zone that may not be serving your wellbeing and keep you in a cycle of feeling depleted, frustrated and feeling disempowered.  

  • Together we spend quality time on clarifying your goals and integrating more achievable health and wellbeing objectives that serves your personal healing journey and serves to help you feel more self-empowered. 

  • We explore practical methods to help you to manage your time that is more aligned with your wellbeing priorities.


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How are sessions structured and how is holistic wellbeing coaching different ?

  • We start off with setting your intention for the session and a few silent moments for centering, meditation and reflection.

  • We focus on identifying your priorities and exploring your values.

  • Sessions are between 35 and 50 mins long depending on the purpose and structure of each session and your particular goals.

  • I act as a sounding board for you to highlight to yourself what is most important to you in your life with deeper clarity and identify what deserves your precious time and energy.

  • We re-visit the key points at the start of each following session so that there is accountability to yourself to meet your own wellbeing goals.

    Sessions Include

  • Tools: Tools for more creativity, clarity, and direction are used with every session to ensure the inspiration and your wellbeing goals stays in flow.


  • Self-reflection: Self-reflection practices to help you stay on your path and embody your healing journey.

  • Wellbeing Practices: Nourishing holistic wellbeing practices to explore and implement at home.

  • Self-work: Where suited worksheets or skilful tracking methods are used to keep things practical to support your progress.  

  • Practical accountability to meet your wellbeing goals: Together we explore how to connect the dots to get from A to B and explore your options to empower yourself to thrive!

According to your preference, the session can be recorded for you to refer to and reflect back on later.

Coaching  Services

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A 20 minute Complimentary Chat


 Grab a cuppa and let's have a friendly chat to see if coaching is the right fit for you.

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50 minute Session


 Calm & Restore
Nourishing sessions to check in and take stock of what you need in your life right now.

Includes reflection/meditation and a nourishing rest session to deeply rest and relax.


Image by Marco Secchi

50 minute Session


 Let's find your centre
and make a clear plan to integrate wellbeing strategies in your life.

Sessions for holistic wellbeing, restorative rest and balance.

Image by Brigitte Tohm

4 x 50 minute Sessions
Special Offer!


 Let's work together in 4 sessions (spread out over max 3 months) to gain more clarity and realign your vision.
This supports you to set clear goals to integrate and sustain more holistic balance, wellness & wellbeing in your life.


Book a Complimentary Session
Coaching Services
How are sessions structured
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