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Heart-centred synergistic collaboration


Leigh Taylor

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Shauna Hill

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Shauna Hill is a registered clinical dietitian and nutritionist, and a Master Gardener with a passion for herbs. She has over 20 years experience in compassionately guiding people.

Shauna is committed to helping communities and individuals discover their journeys to wellness.

Shauna features regularly on the Nourishing Rest podcast and shares her vast knowledge in her  approachable and caring way about good digestion, hormonal health for women, and support for planning nourishing meals.
She enjoys observing nature, baking, traveling with her grown daughter, and writing. She lives in the metro Detroit of the US with her husband, three children, two dogs, and two Guinea pigs.


Robyn Peel

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Robyn Peel

I believe life is for living and I love exploring the incredible world we live in. I am curious and intrigued by people and love getting to understand what makes people tick and what brings them joy.
For this reason I love the act of 1:1 coaching, to witness and support someone as they find ways to navigate through the world in a way that works for them. It is a deep privilege to be able to help people by creating a safe space for them to uncover and listen to their deeper knowing. 


I am on my own journey to bring more compassion and awareness to every moment of every day, not just the feel good moments when I am living my bliss in nature. My guiding vision is to live a big-hearted life with full body awareness and I am excited to help others do the same.  

I currently live in Fernie, Canada where the mountains inspire me and my garden nourishes me. I love getting outside every day, whether that be cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, pottering in my garden, swimming in lakes or lying under a tree and watching the clouds pass by.

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