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“Walk as if you are
kissing the earth
with your feet.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Nourishing Rest
Movement practices

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Gentle Relaxing & Restorative Movement 
Bringing body, breath
and mind into alignment

We share these practices in our programmes, workshops and immersive retreats.

Currently these are only offered online as
part of our Nourishing Rest offerings.



Gentle and Expansive


They are devised from the Indian Hatha yoga traditions, Chinese meditative energy stretches used in monasteries, Tibetan breathing techniques from the Himalayas, Restorative yoga methodologies and contemporary Trauma Conscious yoga applications.

The combination of practices are gentle and restorative. Bringing the body, breath and mind into balance and alignment.

Our gentle yoga stretches and somatic bodywork supports the body and helps to release tension in troubled areas.  These practices encourage quality relaxation, rest, and sleep.

They are simple and non-invasive and easy to integrate into daily life. They are suitable for anyone, especially for those with chronic illness, tension, and stiffness who experience reduced mobility due to illness. 


Our approach is based on authentic evidence based traditions combining practices that restore and balance the body.  Bringing about more serenity, fortifying the immune system and vital energy and enhancing the quality of life.

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"Yoga is the journey of
the self, through the self,
to the self."

The Bhagavad Gita


“Make your wellbeing a priority,

it brings light to others around you.”

Dr. Hansaaji
Esteemed female yoga teacher in India 

Benefits of a somatic approach to restorative stretches

There are many definitions of somatic - with the use of somatic here, it implies bringing you 'into relationship with your own body'.  Understanding how the body relates to movement and becoming aware of how we feel when in certain poses.
When we engage with movement and poses 'somatically' we become more acutely aware of what the body needs, where there is pain or how and where it feels blocked, tight or congested.
We may ask ourselves 'What am I feeling'? 'Does this position work for me'? 'Is this nourishing'? 'How could I be more comfortable here'? 'What can my body teach me here'? 'How can I be kinder to myself to relieve and release pain and tension in my body'?

We become more empowered to know that we have choices to adjust and make more space in the body, thus becoming more free in the body.  Most of all we learn to tune in and listen clearly to what the body needs.


The principal approach here is doing a little bit regularly without strain and without force, yet still bringing vital movement and flow to the body when it is congested by pain or feeling stagnant or we simply feel stuck.
We are entering a safe and informed practice that responds to our ever-changing needs as dynamic living organisms and reclaiming our power about our bodies. 
each know our experience and our body better then anyone else. We are also giving ourselves permission to heal, however slow or long it may be with a compassionate and patient approach and staying kind to ourselves and our bodies.
Thus  bringing body, breath and mind into alignment.

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