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Deep Work:
6 Week
Immersive Course

To restore & reclaim vital energy,
cultivate nourishing healing rest
align to your inner voice of self-trust,
wisdom and compassion.

About Us

6 Week Introduction
Level 1 : Introduction

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Level 2: Unpeeling the next layer

More info on Level 2 soon

Level 3: Advanced Deep Work

More info on Level 3 soon

More than two decades of experience living and serving in meditation centres around the world, organising retreats and immersed in the path of cultivating deep rooted practices of meditation, buddhist philosophy and learning authentic traditional Indian healing practices from great masters, to share some insight into these ancient time-tested practices.
This offering presented is the foundational introduction course in the series of comprehensive therapeutic practices of yoga nidra to learn about and embrace
these practices from the root.

This 6-week immersive course will support you to connect to your own sense of intuitive inner wisdom and (re)activate your vital energy through stillness and essential relaxation techniques for more emotional balance and overall nourishing wellbeing and empower you more as a woman.

It will also cover some of the methodology behind these practices used in a contemporary way for modern busy women. 

It will comprise of:

  • Meditation: meditation practices, that nourish, soothe and clarify to cultivate more loving kindness, self-care, awaken more intuitive wisdom and compassion.

  • Yoga nidra: the practice of awareness - embracing conscious relaxation and powerful rest. Beneficial restorative and nourishing practices to awaken more awareness and soothe weary minds and bodies deeply. To re-set, recharge, activate more self-healing and restore inner harmony enhancing overall wellbeing. 

  • Breath-work & Restorative movement: learning about powerful purifying breathing sequences and systems of breath-work to open the heart and bring more energy to the whole body. These ancient authentic practices help instil more calm and tranquility to the mind.

    Introduction to Pranayama - inhalation and exhalation with retention for energy, vitality and holistic wellbeing.


  • Supportive Theory on the practices and how they work and what the benefits are for body, mind, emotions and energy.



Additional elements for flow of the course:

  • An introduction session setting your objectives and intentions for the journey at the beginning of the course.

  • One-to-one clarity coaching check-in sessions to structure and identify your own special wellness path for body and mind and weekly wellness check-ins. 

  • A creative release session to clarify your thoughts and align body-mind-emotions
    including a powerful journaling session. This is presented in a playful way where you can journal, vision board or draw for more self-discovery. 


  • Letting go purifying ritual : a ceremony to celebrate your feminine and let go of past obstacles, blockages and limiting ideas to step into your own power, for more confidence and clarity.

What is included:

  • Breakdown Hours of course 50 hours

  • Support notes to journal and to explore your 6 week inner journey.

  • Recordings of the practices to use in your own time and to maintain your wellness process going forward.

  • A special care package for your 6 week journey which includes a special journal, an organic essential oil for wellbeing and relaxation, a handwoven shawl from India supporting a Himalayan refugee project and some other surprise goodies that nourish your being and support your wellness journey.

  • Certificate of completion.

Find out for more course details about one immersive weekend of practical, other sessions online and recorded on how the course is structured on our learning
platform- link 


  • Himalayan refugees making shawls

  • Slovo Centre of Excellence Toy Library


Scholarships are available upon request and payment packages can be arranged.


  • Any level student is welcome to join but it is ideally suited for those who want to delve deeper into the art of self-care and is inclined for more regular practice. 

  • Teachers, healers and bodywork professionals who want to expand their knowledge and insight and do more immersive practice.



will help you cultivate:

  • deeper rest & relaxation

  • reduced anxiety 

  • lowers stress consciousness

  • better sleep

  • increased conscious awareness & lucidity

  • more energy

  • enhance concentration

  • better digestion

  • better posture

  • feeling of overall wellbeing 

  • holistic healing

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