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Leigh Taylor (Sherab)
Red Lotus Retreats 
Sustainable Human Being
Nourishing Rest 

Leigh started her journey of inner development and exploring the rich intricate world of Eastern philosophy and meditation in the Himalayas where she lived in a simple hut for one year at the tender age of 19. She moved to India full time in 2003 with her partner. During this time she studied and practiced in Himalayan monasteries, universities, ashrams and temples. earnest cultivation of meditation practices and studying Buddhist philosophy under the guidance of great humble masters. She was the Retreats and Events Manager for 3 years at FGS a large international Taiwanese Buddhist organisation based in South Africa and lived in the Ch'an meditation centre in retreat for 6 months. 
In India and Nepal Leigh worked as a volunteer at refugee centres and in monasteries helping to manage and organise retreats at established Himalayan retreat organisations and monasteries and taking care of large groups of retreatants. 


Leigh was engaged in organising many retreats and large international events and gatherings during her decade of living in Asia full time. She was regularly contracted to share her expertise in her trade skill of graphic design for large printing projects, including for the Office of His Holiness Dalai Lama and various established Tibetan organisations, Refugee and Human Rights groups in India and Africa. 

Since her first trip to Nepal and India over the 21 years she regularly spent extended periods in intensive meditation retreats and exploring India on many spiritual pilgrimages and crazy adventures. Now, living in the West it is essential to live with more mindful awareness and balancing life, work and the many demands and challenges of modern life. Especially when good health and mental tranquility is vital.

She is a passionate qualified Life Coach, Mental Health First Aider (UK), Yoga Nidra Facilitator with IYT, Meditation Guide, Mindfulness Facilitator and Indian Head Massage Therapist. She regularly collaborates with international events coordinators from Europe, Asia and Africa. She also has a qualification in Child Care Development and is dedicated to support education and trauma healing for children.

Leigh's heartfelt wish is to share more practices of holistic wellbeing to instil and integrate more inner peace and inner harmony into everyday life, especially for busy women of all ages and backgrounds.


Leigh understands the stresses and strains of modern pressurised life and apart from her extended time spent in India she also worked as the Events Manager for FGS in South Africa, (the largest international Taiwanese cultural organisation). She was contracted for Shell working on Environmental oil spill Prevention in London.
She organises the annual Soul Trader retreat in Portugal with Rasheed Ogunlaru, coach-speaker-author, for compassionate leaders focusing on legacy, with her partner Justin who is a yoga teacher..

Leigh is a seasoned expat who loves roots reggae, jazz, Indian classical music and exploring local living. ringing relief to  Hunger has no Religion to raise funds to feed thousands of vulnerable people daily, provide girls with feminine hygiene products and the elderly with blankets. They are also collaborating with Slovo Centre of Excellence to support the education and development of young children and promote the invaluable activity of learning through play for young children in impoverished areas in South Africa. 


Leigh currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. Meanwhile they are working on their dream of establishing a healing Meditation & Wellbeing Retreat Centre in South Africa on the breathtaking Garden Route.
In South Africa they previously owned a mini-yoga studio and shop purveying fine imported Asian and local South African products whilst starting the foundation preparation for their Sustainable Human Being Retreats Centre. 

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