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Ignite action!

Holistic Wellbeing, Clarity & Life Balance 

Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous,
the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people
with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.
Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this
world better than when you found it...”

Wilferd Peterson



The purpose of coaching is to help you reveal your own clarity 

Coaching offers a clear path to support you to clarify and crystallise your ideas or your specific goal(s). Taking action is often the most crucial part of whether something actually manifests or not.
And doing that alone can be challenging and feel overwhelming -
especially if your thoughts are stuck in your head and swirling around.

Holistic coaching supports you to become more attuned to yourself and

synchronise living more intentionally. 


"The moment the lamp of awareness is lit the entire room becomes luminous."  Wangyal Rinpoche



The job of a coach is to help you unpack and clarify your thoughts and support you to work out your own clear, authentic path to reach your personal and greater life goals.

Coaching can be a powerful and transformational process especially if you are committed to the process and open to uncovering more of your own intuitive wisdom and inner strengths. Holistic life coaching can be a valuable life-changing experience to get deeper insights on your own journey, discovery and uncovering more layers of yourself.

I have personally had various coaches over the years and continue to have a personal coach that helps me get clarity on what is important to me, helps me to uncover and refine my values and helps me crystallise a clear path to take action.

Let's work together!
How can I help you

Clarity Coaching offers holistic support to help you design a more balanced lifestyle, making sure you are giving yourself enough time, space, compassion,  rest and attention.  Take care of you - body, mind and spirit - for overall wellbeing enabling you to reach the specific goals that will bring you more fulfilment and inner peace.

Check the coaching offerings below

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How does it work?

  • We start off with working out your priorities and exploring your values.

  • This is a process to uncover what is really important to you and also where more precisely you want to go.

  • Step-by-step we work out a better life balance that you curate for better mind, body and spirit goals that brings more inner peace and fulfilment.

  • I support you to identify the pace at which you want to work at towards achieving your goal with more congruency.

  • Coaching helps you find a clearer perspective and get unstuck with what is most important to you


"From stagnation to flight!"


How are sessions structured and how is holistic coaching different ?

  • We start off with setting your intention for the session and a few
    silent moments for centering, meditation and reflection.


  • We focus on working out your priorities and exploring your values
    and revisit the key points at the start of each session.


  • Sessions are between 25 and 60 mins long depending on the
    purpose and structure of each session and the particular goals.


  • I act as a sounding board for you to highlight to yourself what is
    most important to you in your life with deeper clarity and what deserves your precious time and energy.


  • Tools for more creativity, clarity and direction are used with every session to ensure the inspiration stays in flow and you you stay on
    your path towards more clarity for your goal.


  • According to your preference the session can be recorded to for you to refer to and reflect on.

  • Where suited worksheets or skilful tracking methods are used to keep things practical to support your progress and help simplify to plan more clearly.

  • Together we explore how to connect the dots to get from A to B
    and explore more in depth the options that are in your reach and where you can stretch and grow.





Centre & Focus 



  • Included we work out your self-care structure to suit you and help
    you work out a plan to stay more balanced.


  • The aim is to integrate more wellbeing, compassion, calm and
    inner peace into your life.


  • I check in with you to help you to stay accountable to yourself for
    those important goals you want to make sure you reach and need
    a friendly nudge on.

    "Reveal your own clarity, support to empower yourself"




Holistic Wellbeing, Clarity
& Life Balance 

Ignite action!

What is offered with Life Design Coaching:

You can choose from the following or combine:
(scroll down for booking details)

  • 4 x Individual Coaching sessions
    Sessions range between 25 minutes and 60 minutes

  • In depth sessions
    10 x sessions spanning over 3-4 months to explore your goals

  • Weekend Workshop Immersion
    A mini online retreat immersion to explore and nourish your
    body, mind and spirit. Private or small groups
    (max 4 participants - currently online)

  • Life Design Immersions
    Week long in-person, in-depth immersions/retreats.
    This nurturing experience is combined with an immersive relaxation and wellbeing offering to deeply nourish body,
    mind and heart.
    These are limited to 6 people and are held in Spain
    & Portugal (TBA).

Check out the booking options below

The best way to succeed is to have

a specific Intent,

a clear Vision,

a plan of Action,


the ability to maintain Clarity...”

Coaching Offerings
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