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About Us

Nourishing Rest was established in 2021 and is the sister organisation of Red Lotus Projects (est. 2014) and Sustainable Human Being. We have been running wellbeing events, sacred pilgrimages and womens's retreats since 2000.

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Colorful Flowers

We are a small independent organisation with a big heart and a willingness to collaborate with others who share the same ethos and truly believe in sharing wellbeing that is healing and causes no harm. 
We love collaborating with women who wish to share their wellbeing skills, craft and techniques to be of service to humanity and bringing about a healthier and more compassionate society.

Our vision is to share nourishing wellbeing techniques to help ease and bring relief to women who struggle with chronic illness, burnout, anxiety and overwhelm.
In turn cultivating more loving kindness, self-compassion, clarity & healing.
Whole being wellbeing
for healthier happier humans.


Supporting women

Humanitarian Outreach & Sustainable Human Being Ethos

The core focus is women's and societal
wellbeing from the root for body, mind and spirit with a particular emphasis on self-empowerment and sustainability for women on every level. 


We love supporting organisations who want to uplift themselves, their communities and share more compassion and service in communities, with a passion for harmonious collaboration and synergy. 

Since 1997 we have supported various grassroots humanitarian projects in India and in Africa.  Most recently our outreach has included a collaborative fundraising and upliftment effort with two South African NPO's to feed thousands of moms, babies, young children, elders and adults during Covid, including protective equipment and emergency
support during winter months. 
During 2020 we raised almost €11,800 (R200,000+) through kind individual sponsors and have helped to create jobs for village women in Africa and India supporting sustainable craft projects.

We continue to raise awareness in small ways to support individuals and small organisations who usually remain invisible due to a lack of exposure and support. Our passion is to help in small ways where we can bringing some light in the darkest places helping individuals to thrive and pay it forward, themselves leading by example. 

Our passion and inspiration remains sharing wellbeing practices that encourages and nourishes wellbeing on every level. Particularly for the invisible carers and community leaders who are more often than not women, who serve and protect others before themselves.

May all beings be happy and well.

Image by Ruben Ortega


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