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Wellbeing for Coaches - Filling your own cup to serve others better

4 Tips to Prepare Yourself before a Coaching Session

As a coach, your first instinct is to serve your clients and to support them, putting their interests first. Sometimes we forget that we need to be fully charged ourselves, in order to do our coaching jobs effectively. Whilst coaching, you are actively listening, being engaged and attentive to your coachee’s needs, being mindfully present and giving energy. Staying replenished, is of utmost importance for you, as a coach and as a human being, in order to serve your client best, and for you to be able to continue to coach well.

Have you put yourself in the right mindset, before you start the session?

Sometimes, we take our energy levels for granted. How do we stay energised and replenished? We may not even be fully aware of how tired we feel, or of how much energy we have to give during a session. Have you asked yourself before you start a session how YOU feel? Have you noticed what your level of energy is, and whether you have enough energy to share? Are you focused? Are you feeling relaxed? Have you put yourself in the right mindset before you start the session? Are you ready?

In this Wellbeing for Coaches series, (also to be featured on the Coachingpod) we will explore the ways to ensure you, as a coach, are looking after yourself really well in order to serve your clients effectively.

We will share tips and practices to stay grounded, become more focused and alert, feel deeply rested and replenished, and avoid the dreaded overwhelm, burn-out and depletion that sole traders may face when starting and running their own coaching

business. Getting to know and understand yourself, and your coaching style better, and the essential practices on how to maintain a positive mindset. This week we share 4 simple tips about our coaching environment that impacts our energy levels. Be mindful of these before you start your coaching session with your client.

1. SPACE Setting up your space for success. Is your space where you coach conducive? The basics:

  • Is there enough ventilation and fresh air?

  • Do you have a dedicated area where you coach? Especially if you are working from home.

  • How is the lighting? Too bright, not bright enough? Can you move closer to a window or natural light source?

  • Is your chair comfortable, do you need a different desk area? Does it feel good in that space?

  • Are there some lovely plants around you or a vase of flowers to nourish your soul and create a nice atmosphere?

2. PREPARATION Set a timer for five or ten minutes before you start a session so that you are not rushed -a really useful tip!

  • Private and Quiet - Is your environment quiet and private for you and your client to be able to focus, free from distraction, and where it provides an adequate setting for confidentiality? Can you close the door?

  • Do you have your note pad or client folder prepared, and a working pen/pencil. Or are you taking notes on your laptop or tablet? (is your device charged?)

3. HYDRATE Nothing saps your energy as much as not remembering the simple tip of not staying hydrated!

  • If your session is 40 minutes or longer, it is a great idea to prepare a drink.

  • Do you need a tall glass of water or perhaps an energy boost? Get yourself an energising glass of juice or a tea, coffee or desired beverage. It is probably a good idea to have some water handy as well as your preferred cuppa in case you need it!

4. BREATHE Breathing well is an art form. Set a timer for five or ten minutes before your coaching session to centre and focus your mind and your breath.

  • Ready and breathe - taking some deep nourishing breaths to still your mind. Truly like nectar for your whole being! It instantly grounds and restores you from the root.

  • Set the tone - a few deep breaths really sets the tone or mood for your session and puts you in the right frame of mind.

  • Remember - it serves YOU and YOUR CLIENT :)

These tips almost seem all too obvious, yet we can forget them so very easily! Being prepared before your session and becoming more aware of which environment serves you best, goes a really long way in ensuring you have a successful coaching session. It also helps to ensure that you feel more energised rather than depleted after a coaching session. These tips are also good practice before receiving a coaching session. Next time we will share some powerful tips on staying more energised and focused during a session and how to recharge after a coaching session. Let’s serve others and ourselves well by staying energetically sustained in a demanding world. Awareness is the key.

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Article: original content by Leigh Taylor (can be reprinted/shared with permission) Photos : (1) Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels (2) Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels
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