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All of our products have a story and supports a worthy cause or an individual.  Truly a circle of love and kindness.

Inner Peace Care Package - Limited Edition
25% of this purchase goes to support Hunger Has No Religion Feeding Project in South Africa - a grassroots endeavour led by Nuraan Gain feeding thousands of people daily -  young children and the elderly from her own humble home in Johannesburg.  Winter emergency fund:

This is a thoughtfully lovingly created care package to support your meditation and yoga nidra sacred wellness journey.

It contains:

  • A high quality natural pashmina shawl  (fine mountain goat wool) woven by villagers in the Himalayan mountains above the Kathmandu valley and supporting small farmers.  
    The shawl is wonderfully light but pleasantly warm and perfect for meditation or as a light throw when doing yoga nidra for taking a stroll outside.  Past clients often remark that they now always carry it with them as it is a part of their daily essential loved  items.

All our products are personally sourced and support local families in the Himalayas. 

  • The natural incense is fine quality pure incense hand rolled in the Aurobindu  ashrams by local villagers and devotees. The incense is made of naturally fragrant roots, barks, flower petals and a touch of essential oils, and mixed to form a fragrant base, called the 'masala'. Held together by jaggery resin and hand-rolled on shredded bamboo of slim incense sticks.
    This product is free of any artificial additives and delicious for meditation, yoga or relaxation or a wonderful bath ritual.
  • The small brightly coloured cosmetics/toiletry bags are crafted using pure printed cotton authentic to South Africa called "shwe shwe" traditionally used for clothing. 
    These useful special little bags were handsewn by a compassionate pensioner,  lovingly stitched these bags whilst supporting local community outreach programmes in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. This wonderful woman, Hannetjie who was a cancer patient sadly passed away earlier this year after a long battle so these are the last of these little bags made with love. 
  • The brightly coloured Himalayan winter shawl is a popular item often used by travelers in the Himalayas.  These wonderful cosy shawls are fantastic for yoga nidra relaxation or any time you need to feel cosy and cocooned.  They are strong and will stay with you for many years, a wonderful companion for a nap, meditating or getting cosy with a good  book or a film. They were an incentive started by Tibetan and other refugees in the Himalayan mountain regions. 
  • Surprise gift - you will receive an additional small gift individually crafted specially for you. Every one is unique. 


Inner Peace Care Package - Limited edition

SKU: 632835642834572
145,00 €Price
  • 100% Natural Colour Pashmina Shawls Grey/Brown/Taupe Mix Colour. You will find the most exclusive and ethentic collection of 100% cashmere, It is the finest, softest and warmest shawl.
    Sizes: 28X80 inches (72X203 cm)
    Fabric:100% Cashmere
    Quality: Medium
    Weaving Methods: 2 PLY twill weave pattern

    • Handmade in Nepal
    • Fair Trade Products
    • No Child Labour
    • No fringe decorates at ends
    • Very soft, light weight
    • Superior Value & Luxury item
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