women know the ways of women. - Japanese proverb

Nourishing Healing

Shannon Stone

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"Nature has given us wonderful healing gifts."

Master Clinical Herbalist and Owner of The Nomad Apothecary. Shannon's field of speciality is specialising in woman's health and hormone support and and holistic management of ADHD.


"The joyful presence of nature is the clear direction of the
presence of love."

- Robbie George



Shannon's Wellness Philosophy:​



"My journey to finding happiness and health, despite having endometriosis, inspired me to become a certified herbalist. 


I wanted to discover and learn more about these wonderful plants Nature has given us to help heal our bodies, if only we are willing to receive her benefits. "

Shannon .

Shannon gs.

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Our projects together

Shannon ( & Leigh (Nourishing Rest) are working on some special projects together to support women on their healing and wellbeing journey particularly concerning chronic illness and both share a history with managing endometriosis.

Shannon featured on the Nourishing Rest podcast sharing her vast knowledge about herbs and healing particularly for chronic illness.  We look forward to welcoming her again.

They are compiling a recipe book together, 'Food as Medicine' (to be released end 2022) along with their friend Shauna Hill (Dietitian and Nutritionist) featuring nourishing healing recipes to support women's health.

They also have some exciting workshops and an online international conference planned for 2022 with great speakers about wellbeing, nutrition, restorative healing and women's health.