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Nourishing Food

women know the ways of women. - Japanese proverb

Shauna Hill

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"I've loved plants for as long as I can remember"

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, committed to helping individuals and communities explore their journeys to wellness and meet their wellness goals. Two years ago, I also trained to be a Master Gardener through Michigan State University. I've loved plants for as long as I can remember, but only in the past two years have I devoted significant time to understanding and cultivating plants. My favourite plant life to work with are herbs which I incorporate into meals and use to boost my own health and that of my family.

"Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an
instrument of grace."

- May Sarton


Shauna's Wellness Philosophy:​

'Nourish. Energise. Embrace.'


"Twenty years ago, when I began working with patients and clients, I tried to match each person with a prescribed nutrition plan and this works beautifully for some people. Many, however, need an approach that goes beyond a list of foods they should eat. They need help figuring out how they’re going to eat healthy and exercise when money is tight, or there’s no time to prepare meals, or when fatigue threatens to completely overwhelm, or they just can’t get motivated. They may even need help figuring out what their wellness priorities are."

Shauna worked for a community nutrition program in New York State providing training and educational materials to promote nutritional health throughout the State. Then worked as a clinical dietitian in hospitals and nursing homes in Ohio to improve and maintain patient health as well as training medical and pharmaceutical students and residents in nutrition. She has also taught college nutrition courses. In 2019, Shauna started Shauna Hill LLC to help people explore their journeys to wellness and make food choices that boost energy, mental clarity and overall health. Shauna has also been a Master Gardener since 2018 and has been studying, cultivating and using herbs nutritionally and medicinally since 2019.

Shauna enjoys observing nature, baking, traveling with her grown daughter, and writing. She lives in the metro Detroit of the US with her husband, three children, two dogs, and two Guinea pigs.

Image by Joanna Stołowicz

Our projects together

Shauna (Shauna Hill Nutrition) & Leigh (Nourishing Rest) are currently working on some wonderful projects together to support women on their wellbeing journey for great health and life balance.

Shauna features regularly on the Nourishing Rest podcast and her topics include Good Digestion, Positive body image, health and healing through nourishing food, and her easily implementable meal planning tips ensure that you stay healthy and well. Shauna is very knowledgeable with her years of professional experience and shares her wisdom with a relaxed and down to earth approach. 

They are compiling a recipe book together, 'Food as Medicine' (to be released end 2022) along with their friend Shannon Stone (Master Herbalist & Nurse) featuring nourishing healing recipes to support women's health.

They also have some exciting workshops and an online international conference planned for 2022 with great speakers about wellbeing, nutrition, restorative healing and women's health. 

Shauna & Leigh
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