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Nourish your mind and body
so you can start the new season 
energised and ready for growth. 

Join us on the first day of refreshing
Spring in the Northern hemisphere or
cosy Autumn in the Southern hemisphere!


Mindfully Nourish to Restore Wellbeing

A half day workshop

Sunday, March 20, 2022

10am-2pm (EST), 3pm-7pm (CET), 2pm-6pm (BST)

A Taste of Mindful Eating is a half-day virtual workshop to encourage mindful eating practices that nourish, promote gratitude, the enjoyment of food and cultivate more self-compassion.


During the workshop, you will practice being present with more mindful awareness in a curious, non-judgmental way that can improve wellbeing, relieve stress, help reduce chronic pain, and ease digestive issues. We will explore aspects of mindful eating beyond the act of consuming a meal by cultivating gratitude which can boost immunity and mood and by​ identifying and honouring your personal values around food and eating.


During this 4 hour workshop, we will provide practical tools to help you make these practices part of your daily life.

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Presented by Leigh Taylor and Shauna Hill


Leigh Taylor and Shauna Hill have each worked in the wellness, wellbeing and health industry for decades. Their rich and varied wellness journeys have provided them with knowledge, skills and experiences that complement each other and will help nurture you to reclaim your wellbeing.

"We invite you to our nourishing, mindful space
to find balance and support for your
food choices and eating practices."

shauna n leigh

Leigh Taylor is a passionate cook and has been preparing nourishing hearty vegetarian meals for more than a decade on international wellbeing and meditation retreats. Leigh has run and organised holistic wellbeing and meditation retreats internationally since 2000, and is a seasoned meditation and mindfulness facilitator. She has studied mindful practices, meditation and Asian philosophy for the past 22 years, and spent 15 years living in the Himalayas full time, undertaking extensive meditation retreats living and studying with accomplished masters and yogis.

She founded Red Lotus Projects in 2014, specialising in women's wellbeing events, meditation retreats and sacred pilgrimage. Leigh combines contemporary western and ancient eastern methods and works as a holistic Wellbeing Coach. Blending rich ancient methods with practical implementable techniques for the busy modern world, Leigh´s emphasis is on supportive healing techniques for overwhelm, chronic fatigue, burn-out and chronic illness, using restorative deep relaxation methodologies combined with therapeutic immersive practices to support recovery from deep exhaustion and stress. Her offerings implement meditation and gentle restorative yoga, powerful breath and relaxation techniques. She focuses on Trauma Conscious methods, with a background in Mental Health training and NLP methodology. 

In 2020 she founded 'Nourishing Rest'  to support others who, like her, have struggled with chronic illness to implement more restful healing practices with more ease into daily life. 

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Mindful retreat 2016
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"Eating food mindfully, and slowly helped me savour each bite and really taste what I was eating.  It was a totally new experience for me that I will cherish."  Anne-Marie, UK

"I have a chronic illness and food intolerances so I was nervous to join but Leigh ensured that there was more than enough, excess in fact to choose from! I enjoyed eating in silence and tasting every bite." Becca, UK 

"I never stopped to truly contemplate where food came from or all the hands it passed through before it got to my plate.  It was an immensely moving experience."
Jessica Huie, Portugal Retreat


"To eat food silence and meditate, becoming more conscious and mindful with each bite, was a profound experience. I am very interested in diet and nutrition and this expanded my horizon." Ashley, Portugal Retreat 


“My aim is to help ease the stress consciousness and to provide more accessible methods that can be easily and effortlessly integrated into your everyday life. I believe this powerful combination in your personal wellness toolbox offers effective wellbeing habits to deeply soothe weary bodies and overwhelmed minds, creating a life of more alignment, balance, and inner harmony.”

Shauna Hill has been a registered dietitian nutritionist for over 20 years. At the start of her career she spent several years working with community nutrition education programs in New York at Cornell University. She met people from many walks of life who had varied strengths and limitations to making healthy choices. This experience was foundational to becoming skilled at tailoring nutrition recommendations to individual needs. It also reinforced her belief that mindful eating is key to both enjoyment of food and long-term health.

After working in New York, she transitioned to providing clinical nutrition expertise in healthcare facilities as well as training dietetics, medical and pharmacy students in nutrition. In 2019, Shauna started Shauna Hill, LLC to provide women with practical support for their wellness goals through classes, courses and personal consulting. She helps women identify their wellness priorities, provides relevant evidence-based nutrition information, and then establishes a personalized wellness plan. 

With over two decades of experience as a dietitian, her passion is helping people find practical solutions for making food choices that nourish, energize, and support their lifestyle.Shauna has also been a Master Gardener since 2018 and has been studying, cultivating and using herbs nutritionally and medicinally since 2019.

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"Women have a large capacity to care for and nurture others. However, this intense nurturing can lead to exhaustion for women. I want to support them to nurture themselves in a sustainable way. Mindful practices can nourish bodies, minds, emotions, and soul with practical methods. So that whatever a woman's individual health goals are—more energy, less pain, increased mobility, aging well, or weight loss/gain—she can maintain her own health and well-being while she nurtures others." - Shauna Hill

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"Shauna, I really appreciate your posts. So true to life and thought provoking. They give me inspiration! We are all on this journey to health and it is well worth it."
Michele L., USA

"I had never done any of these practices before and to be honest I was a little nervous as it was new to me. I loved it and felt so soothed and relaxed. I didn't realise how tired I was until I gave myself some time to relax."
Foluke Akinlose MBE, Founder of Precious for Women of Colour--on retreat in Portugal, 2018

"I took the Mindful Meal Planning Class with Shauna Hill and I really thought it was helpful. The information Shauna shared about how to take my family's favorite meals a tweak them to make them healthier and more balanced to give us the nourishment and energy our bodies need has made a big difference for us. My family loves still having their favorite things and I feel better knowing they are getting the nutrients they need. 


"I also appreciated the handouts she shared, one of them specifically was on planning meals for the week and it included a section about the activities for that day. This has been a huge help for our family, often we would plan meals and not realize we had an appointment or meeting. This would throw off our meal plan and we'd end up picking something up in a drive thru. That simple little addition to the meal planning sheet has helped our family immensely." 

Sarah S., USA

"I cannot recommend highly enough, for people--and especially women--to practice with Leigh, if they have the opportunity. Her grace, calm presence and generous compassion nourishes us on many levels. I cannot wait to see what she shares next with the world."Samantha Meikle, London, 2020

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