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I first truly appreciated the profound beneficial effects of the 'healing art of rest' when I became very ill and was diagnosed with a chronic immune illness in 2010.  For years my energy was depleted and it robbed me of my vital life force. My quality of life deteriorated.

I needed to spend the bulk of a year bedridden which often made me feel very powerless.
I was getting frustrated with the continuous debilitating pain and exhaustion.
I re-discovered the powerful restorative practice of yoga nidra known as 'sacred sleep' or 'yogic sleep'.

My own journey to improved wellbeing

The first time I experienced the practice of yoga nidra I was about 10 years old, in South Africa, where I was born. I remember the yoga teacher telling us to lie down after doing some stretches and to close our eyes.  Then she took us on a soothing audio and mental visual journey.
I remember feeling really calm and felt light as a feather. A sense of relief washed over me. 
Even at a tender age, it left a deep and lasting impression on my mind.

I wish I had started this practice sooner!
I re-discovered this profound practice in the midst of deep fatigue and near burn-out, while I was living in London. I was experiencing ongoing pain, struggling with sleepless nights and feeling physically and emotionally depleted.
I feel and believe that this soothing practice is very beneficial for all people and especially for busy women who experience stress, anxiety, or feelings of overwhelm by all of life's demands, pressures, and time constraints.  Most of us have many responsibilities and life, change and transition can be challenging for us all. 


The regular practice of Yoga Nidra has helped me to restore vital energy, soothe and manage pain, and also training my body to deeply relax.

Yoga nidra can effectively calm the central nervous system, relaxing on a cellular level. Every part of the body and mind becomes more harmonious and feels more at ease. The ultimate aim of the practice is to develop deep tranquility, clear insight and lucid awareness. The practice has been scientifically validated and tested by many people which is another reason to feel confident in its healing and soothing effects.

As a long-term meditator and student of Buddhist philosophy, I personally love that this practice has deep roots in the ancient yogic traditions from India.
Yet is timeless in the sense that it can be applied in the modern, fast-paced world and still offer the same profound benefits of powerful rest and clarifying awareness.

I'm looking forward to sharing this practice with you and going on a relaxing  journey of loving awareness.

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Leigh is an experienced facilitator for:

  • Yoga Nidra (Training UK 2015 & 2020)

  • Mindfulness & Metta (Loving-kindness) since 1999

  • Pranayama & Breathwork since 1999

  • Buddhist Meditation since 1997

Qualified and trained/certified in:​

  • Coaching (MOE UK) 2015 & NLP 

  • Trauma Conscious Yoga Method (TCYM) 

  • Certified Yin Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance)

  • Restorative Yoga (YA, ongoing)

  • Trained Mental Health First Aider (MHFA UK) 2020

  • Mental Health & Neuroscience (NCIB) 

  • Fundamentals of TCM 2005

  • Balance & Wellness at Work (SIY)

  • Indian Head Massage (Prof. Iqbal Badat 1998)

  • Biophilic Design - Sustainable Green Practices Interiors & Aesthetic Environments (2021)

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