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What is Nourishing Rest 

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When is rest 'nourishing rest''?

Deep rest has become an absolute necessity in our lives. Rest is not always only sleep but can comprise many forms of potent restorative restful acts to soothe us and help us feel renewed, reinvigorated and well on a deep and profound level. 

Rest can be a beautiful and powerful path to profound healing.
Learning to nourish & care for ourselves better is an art that is easier to integrate than we think, if we can only give ourselves the chance to embrace it. 


Nourishing Rest Practice Series

​Nourishing Rest utilises a multi-disciplinary approach combining ancient healing methods to rejuvenate and promote therapeutic rest and relaxation and supports recovery from chronic fatigue, illness, burn-out, overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

At a very fundamental level Nourishing Rest provides a feeling of ease and tranquility, a re-set for our wellbeing. Through powerful rest we can effectively re-align body and mind and experience  more inner calm and harmony.
With regular practice, these ancient methods promote a sense of sustained immersive wellbeing and resulting feeling more balance, cultivating more loving kindness and the experience of more lucid clarity.

Each practice method can be practiced on its own yet in conjunction they form a powerful synergy for wellness and holistic wellbeing.​

Yoga Nidra  (sleep of the sages) to deeply nourish & restore 

Meditation & Breathwork to clarify, focus & calm the body and mind 
Gentle Yoga & Restorative Movement  soothing physical relief & emotional equilibrium

Therapeutic Bathing nourishing and relaxing

Holistic Wellbeing Coaching empowering you on your
own wellbeing & healing path - support for setting achievable
sustainable personal wellbeing goals 

Evidence based Research read more

The practice of yoga nidra forms the core part of the Nourishing Rest 

series of practices.  Yoga Nidra, known as the 'sleep of the sages'  
can provide a powerful path to support the healing process.
The essence of Yoga nidra practice is restorative on a profound level.

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