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Five Nourishing
Restorative Practices

Restorative practices are essential to (re)establish our holistic wellbeing and help us to renew and recharge ourselves.

Here we introduce five deeply restorative practices that can work interdependently or used individually. 

To experience the benefits of these simple yet profoundly nourishing practices, we warmly encourage you to join our immersive workshops and other programmes to test them for yourself. 

The practices are particularly useful to restore one from fatigue, and as a supportive measure during burnout and  illness - whether acute or chronic in nature. The practices can have positive effects such as increasing attention, relieving anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and enhancing compassion as well as improve the ability of the body to heal itself.

All nourishing rest practices are grounded in evidence based studies.

“To begin to meditate is to look into
our lives with interest in kindness
and discover how to be
wakeful and free.”

Jack Kornfield

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Invite some easeful wellbeing into your life. 

Receive a complimentary Rest practice

Get a taste of how these practices can work for you to restore your energy and provide rest & relaxation. 

Contains pre-recorded practices (audio & video) and a PDF quick guide for you to try over three days.

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